How the Russia – Ukraine conflict will impact on IT outsourcing market?

The world became a very strange and hostile place in the past few weeks. The Russia – Ukraine conflict has started massive geopolitical and economical changes in Europe and the world economy is shaking to its core in all sectors. And this crisis didn’t spare the IT industry either, especially the IT sector.

According to Forbes magazine

these situations will face severe disruptions in service flow because of the conflict

International companies that outsourced IT services from conflict regions

Western companies that outsource from India and other countries that use Ukranian resources and expertise

Global corporations that established their own GBS or R&D centers in the conflict regions

Approximate number of specialists residing in the conflict areas

  • 30,000+ estimated developers working for third-party service providers
  • 20,000 estimated developers employed in GBS (Global Business) centers in Ukraine
  • 20,000 estimated developers working for third-party service providers in Belarus and Russia
  • 10,000 estimated developers employed in GBS centers in Belarus and Russia

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