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Ahead of its time, 7m Time created a restaurant app that allows for customers to interact with the restaurant and its employees without physical contact. To facilitate the contactless communication, 7m Time hired a TechCells dedicated team.

Project brief

7m Time wanted to create a mobile app that could scan a QR code and connect the user to a server’s smart watch. This would allow the user to order food, pay the bill, and message the server, all without any physical interaction.

  • No infrastructure invesment.
  • Reduce time spent on recruitment.
  • Eliminated cost of having in-house employees.
  • Meeting each and every project deadline.
  • Execution of utmost operational efficiency.
  • They have skills & experience.


While the mobile app was the main component of 7m Time’s product, their website was the informative and accessible hub that would guide users to their service. TechCells’ work with 7m Time has included optimizing their home page, admin area, restaurant manager’s area, signup, profile management, and billing.

Popular tags

  • UI/UX
  • Web
  • Web design

Tech stack

In addition to their website, TechCells helped develop an iOS and Android-compatible app that maximized the utility of their contactless ordering services. In hiring TechCells, 7m Time was able to develop and launch a sophisticated digital experience without burdensome recruitment and infrastructure costs.

Popular tags

  • UI/UX
  • iOS development
  • Android watch development

Tech stack

The quality of 7m Time’s service hinges on the quality of its smart watch app. By parenting with TechCells, 7m Time was able to develop a smart watch application that supported the servers and restaurant staff who used it; maximizing server-customer communication and efficiency.

Popular tags

  • UI/UX
  • Design
  • Android watch development

Tech stack


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Client experiences

<p class="p1">TechCells is successfully developing the project. They give regular updates and full explanations of all features. Communication and professionalism are impressive. They do a good job of explaining all the features of the work.</p>

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