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This New-York based tech company connects over 700,000 U.S. patients to their healthcare provider via the Medyear app. Raising over $1 million in investments, this tech startup is quickly becoming a healthtech leader.

Project brief

To establish itself as a leader in the mobile and online healthcare segments, Medyear needed a web and mobile app that securely connected patients to their doctors. TechCells provided a dedicated mobile team to help them achieve their goal.

  • No infrastructure invesment.
  • Reduce time spent on recruitment.
  • Eliminated cost of having in-house employees.
  • Meeting each and every project deadline.
  • Execution of utmost operational efficiency.
  • They have skills & experience.


The TechCells web developers that were part of Medyear’s dedicated team helped construct a secure web application that protected, facilitated, and encouraged doctor-patient interaction. In hiring TechCells, Medyear was able to save time on recruitment and eliminate the cost of onboarding in-house employees.

Popular tags

  • UI/UX
  • Web
  • Web design
  • Software development

Tech stack

  • C#
  • MS SQL Server
    MS SQL Server
  • Bootstrap
  • CSS3

Utilizing the skills and experience of our talented mobile developers, Medyear was able to develop their core product – their mobile healthcare application – without investing in training and recruitment. Our dedicated teams meant that Medyear could affordably and reliably deliver an industry-leading mobile healthcare experience.

Popular tags

  • UI/UX
  • Software development
  • iOS development
  • Android development

Tech stack


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Client experiences

TechCells has created fantastic applications. Their project management and workflow were effective. The developers were quick and responsive and were a part of everyday activities.

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