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Established in 2019, TechCells prioritizes high-quality business partnerships and tailored software solutions, viewing clients as partners, not just customers. We aim to provide affordable, top-tier digital solutions through our dedicated, remote, and world-class workforce, irrespective of your geographical location. We believe that outsourcing IT projects or staffing IT talents shouldn’t be daunting. We offer cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality by leveraging the skilled talent pool in central Asia and eastern Europe, helping you realize your digital ambitions.

Our Values

Our values are our standards of behavior; they help us succeed, and they are deeply entrenched in the grain of our organization.

Act with Integrity

We always tell the truth, and we keep our word. We also trust each other and treat each other with respect.

Be Curious

We have a strong desire to learn, and we are constantly sharpening our skills and deepening our knowledge.

Be Proactive

We create our outcomes through careful planning and execution, and we anticipate and resolve challenges before they arise.

Embrace Selflessness

We act for the greater good instead of in our own interest.

Strive for Excellence

We are exceptional at what we do and always find ways to get even better.

Learning Opportunities

We read books, a lot of books! We have our own library of bestselling books, as well as many online courses. You are welcome to use them anytime.

Flexible Schedule

Our office hours are flexible, and we offer remote work. You are welcome to work from anywhere.

Sport Activities

We love having fun, so we do sports! We have a ping-pong club. We also organize weekly football games.

Lunch and Snacks

We offer free snacks at office, and your lunch is partially paid by company.

Open Positions

Senior React.js Developer Remote
Middle React.js Developer Remote
Middle .NET Developer Remote
Middle UI/UX Designer Remote
Senior PHP/Laravel Developer Remote
Senior iOS Developer Remote
Senior .NET Developer Remote
Senior Node.js Developer Remote
Middle Node.js Developer Remote
Middle PHP Developer Remote
Middle iOS Developer Remote
Senior Xamarin Developer Remote
Senior QA Tester Remote
Senior React Native Developer Remote
Senior Java Developer Remote
Senior Flutter Developer Remote
Senior Android Developer Remote
Middle Xamarin Developer Remote
Middle React Native Developer Remote
Middle QA Tester Remote
Middle Java Developer Remote
Middle Android Developer Remote
Middle Flutter Developer Remote
Senior C++ Developer Remote
  • United States

    332 South Michigan Ave, Suite 121 #5998, Chicago, IL 60604, United States

    +1 (312) 779-1115

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