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When developing a software-oriented project, sometimes all you need is a few skilled and experienced employees to support your existing teams. With TechCells, you can integrate our best talent into your best teams at an affordable rate.



At TechCells, staff augmentation refers to the outsourcing of particular client-selected developers, designers, and staff members used to assist you in business activities and digital solutions.


  • No infrastructure invesment.
  • Reduce time spent on recruitment.
  • Eliminated cost of having in-house employees.
  • No bound by geographical limitations.
  • A focused and unbiased workforce.
  • Enables companies to adapt quickly.
  • Meeting each and every project deadline.
  • Execution of utmost operational efficiency.
  • They have skills & experience.
  • Attain assistance without administrative complications.
  • Bypass the hiring process, saving both costs & uncertainty.
  • Access to distinct skill sets.


Flexible Terms

Unlike our dedicated teams service, team augmentation focuses on maximizing client flexibility in addition to supplying top-tier developers. With staff augmentation, clients can hire TechCells devs for a week, a month, or even multiple years. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all policy, we make a policy that fits each client.

IP Rights

One of the worries of outsourcing talent is the security of a company's intellectual property. Since our priority is always the security and success of the client, TechCells makes a concerted effort to protect the IP rights of all of its clients and partners for every team or team member that is outsourced.

Any Number of Talents

With most hiring processes, it is difficult to find and hire an available individual that matches all of your desired criteria. Fortunately, with TechCells' staff augmentation, you can select and hire any number of talented TechCells staff members that best suit your project, team, and company needs. Whether it's 1 member or a whole team, TechCells has you covered.

Skills Diversity

At TechCells, we are very proud of the breadth of talent, skills, knowledge, and experience that our developers and designers possess. From technological Java specialists to web development experts, clients can select the exact skill sets they need for their projects with TechCells' staff augmentation services.


What makes TechCells different from other software developers is our passion and dedication to what we do. For many of us, we are working at our dream job. The benefit of that is that this joy, enthusiasm, and commitment to our work carries over in our staff augmentation. We are dedicated to our jobs and our clients.

Ongoing Support

At TechCells, we view every client as a partner; a company that we can develop a productive, communicative, and lucrative relationship with over time. Our commitment to these client partnerships has encouraged us to offer 24/7 on-going support for all of our services, especially staff augmentation.

Affordable Prices

Part of what makes TechCells' services particularly special is their pricing. We are able to offer world-class Eastern European software developers at cost-effective rates. Not only are you saving on recruitment, infrastructure, and training costs, you are also saving money on the service prices themselves.


01 Step
Discovery And Strategy

The first step to ensuring a successful staff augmentation process is to identify client needs and develop a strategy based around satisfying those demands on a timely basis, i.e., which developers are best-suited for the job, and the project timeline that is most appropriate.

02 Step
Interview Developers

After establishing a plan, our goal is to help interview, hire, and transition your new team members into your design and development process. During this process, clients are heavily encouraged to participate so that they can hire the candidates best-equipped for their team and project. By not hiring from the same candidate pool, we can customize our hiring process for each client.

03 Step
Start Working

At TechCells, our goal is to start work on the project as quickly as possible so as to guarantee client deadlines while also maximizing their time and investment.

04 Step
Success Management

The key to software success is being able to maintain high levels of quality, effort, and commitment throughout each project. To help achieve this productive, goal-oriented environment we offer our success managers who quickly and proactively identify, address, and solve problems as they arise, including the replacement of underperforming team members.

Client experiences Before/After Technology Staff Augmentation

TechCells has created fantastic applications. Their project management and workflow were effective. The developers were quick and responsive and were a part of everyday activities.

Panya Chheng, Medyear

Has been working with TechCells for quite some time. They are providing an excellent service on the maintenance of our application. Communication is excellent and the team is available almost 24/7! There is a pro-active attitude that helped to prevent problems in the future.

Pablo Vinicius, Top Maid Services

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Frequently asked questions about Team Augmentation

There is none. With TechCells, you can utilize our developers, designers, and infrastructure for as long as you need.

Yes. Our available team augmentation solutions are customizable to the number of employees you need.

Yes. As a global organization, we pride ourselves on being able to communicate and collaborate with clients all over the world.

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