Education Applications Development.

With technology becoming more affordable and accessible, e-learning has started to emerge as a viable and valuable educational tool. With TechCells, schools and businesses affordably enhance their programs with education apps.


Solutions We Can Build

For education apps to be particularly effective, they need to be user-friendly, multi-platform utility tools that minimize barriers and maximize learning outcomes. TechCells’ devs are perfectly equipped to achieve this goal.

Education Applications
Custom Education Applications

Every student, school, and program is different. With TechCells, you can create a custom experience that optimizes outcomes.

Education Applications
Skills Measure Systems

Record, improve, and encourage the skill development of your users through TechCells’ meticulously crafted systems.

Education Applications
E-Learning Platforms

Recreate the interactive, high-quality learning experiences of the in-person classroom on a digital platform.

Education Applications
Instructional Management Systems

Develop a digital classroom that promotes the absorption of a personalized, departmental curriculum.

Services We Offer

Web Development

The key to a web-based educational application is its compatibility with different platforms and devices. If the program presents accessibility barriers like requiring an updated browser or OS, then the efficacy of the learning initiatives will be dramatically hindered. The TechCells web team specializes in frictionless web experiences.

Mobile Development

Students and employees alike both rely on their mobile devices for quick and convenient interactions. The TechCells mobile development team is specialized in capitalizing on this behavior and creating accessible, functional, and easy-to-use mobile learning experiences.

Desktop Development

A desktop application is an effective way to create an interactive learning portal that users can access from their home, at work, or in the classroom. The dedicated, professional, and communicative relationships our devs establish with clients allow for efficient construction of this portal and its objectives.

UI/UX Development

Unlike other industries, education’s success depends almost entirely on the quality of its user experience. Creating a user interface that is simple, intuitive, and sophisticated is no easy feat. But in partnering with our UI/UX developer team, you will be able to leverage top-tier talent with years of experience.

Legacy Modernization

Older education apps, while effective, may not be optimized for modern devices or modern users. In order for your educational programs to be most effective, they should be built to accommodate the user, not the other way around. With TechCells, you can create an education app that offers a user-first experience.

Process Automation

The back-end of your education application is where its success lies. Purchases, enrollment, and teacher-student interactions are all potential obstacles that can reduce your overall cost efficiency. In hiring our talented TechCells developers, you can automate your processes and maximize your profitability.

Client experiences

The company’s delivery time was reduced in half thanks to TechCells efforts. The team communicated seamlessly and was always available. Their project management skills were excellent. Customers can expect a unique pool of talent and a team that provides impressive solutions.

Dhaval Tanna, Softintel

Has been working with TechCells for quite some time. They are providing an excellent service on the maintenance of our application. Communication is excellent and the team is available almost 24/7! There is a pro-active attitude that helped to prevent problems in the future.

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