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In direct response to the continuing rise of technology, the real estate industry has successfully transitioned the delivery and execution of its services to digital channels. Real estate app development and real estate website development are two main ways that have helped ease this transition so that they can showcase their services through more of these channels.


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Relying on our professionalism, experience, and talent, TechCells can provide real estate market companies with digital solutions necessary to accelerate growth within industry. They get reliable real estate mobile app development and a real estate web developer that helps improve outreach and successfully converts potential clients.

Real Estate App Development Services In Usa & Europe

Real estate market: real estate agents, real estate agencies and other real estate industry subject / objects.
Real estate web application development services.

Web Development

Realty websites are the number-one way new homebuyers view, compare, and select their desired listings. Companies need to develop an effective website to see prolonged success. With the help of TechCells’ top-tier web developers, you, too, can create the interactive listing experience that boosts business.

Mobile development

Like most industries, mobile has opened up a completely new channel and market segment for real estate professionals to utilize. With the help of TechCells’ skilled development team, you can capitalize on the popularity of mobile and provide accessible, convenient, and user-friendly experiences that outperform competitors.

Desktop development

For businesses looking to improve the efficiency and efficacy of their agents’ activities, a desktop app is an excellent solution. By partnering with TechCells, you can empower your team with an integrated system that manages properties, listings, and clients all in one place.

UI/UX development

Viewing multiple listings in-person can be an exhausting task, and one that discourages closing. With the assistance of TechCells, you can optimize your user experience to recreate as much of the in-person experience as possible through innovative digital solutions like video walkthroughs, location ratings and more.

Legacy modernization

With in-person viewings becoming an added challenge for many individuals, realtors and brokers have struggled to create contactless experiences with their outdated software. Fortunately, TechCells’ skilled dev team can help industry players modernize their systems through accessible, cloud-supported digital solutions.

Process automations

The real estate industry has certain legal protocols they need to follow based on the property and region, which, in turn, can mean unnecessary bureaucracy. By automating and streamlining some of the form-signing processes with TechCells’ digital solutions, realtors can save on costs and improve their UX all at the same time.

Real Estate App Development Company: Client Experiences

We’re delighted with our partnership with TechCells. They’ve exceeded expectations, quickly resolving issues and making improvements. We’re impressed with their professionalism, rates, and fast response times. TechCells has been an excellent partner!

DoubleDoor, Nauman Malik

I enjoy working with TechCells. They understand our requirements and provide creative solutions. After launching, the client experienced an increase in traffic. They’re easy to collaborate with, promptly respond to queries, and have a friendly attitude. They pay close attention and are proactive in suggesting new ideas.

TopHelpers, John Kahhor

TechCells has created fantastic applications. Their project management and workflow were effective. Also, the developers were responsive, quick to adapt to our internal environment. and were a part of everyday activities.

Medyear, Nauman Malik

TechCells have done an amazing job in completing the project. They kept us informed with regular updates and comprehensive descriptions of all features. Their communication was top-notch, and their professionalism was outstanding. They were incredibly helpful in explaining all the details of the work. In particular, the project manager was extraordinary and kept us up to date on everything.

7m Time inc., Brandan N. Tang

I’m highly impressed with TechCell’s work. Thanks to their efforts, the company’s delivery time was halved. The team communicated effectively and was always available. Their project management was top-notch. Customers can expect a unique set of skills and solutions that are truly impressive.

SoftIntel, Dhaval Tanna

TechCells is a reliable and highly-recommended development company with excellent communication, quality work, and a no-nonsense attitude. Even on weekends and holidays, they get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our team could not be more pleased with the results of their work and we would definitely recommend them for any project!

Top Travel Food, Dhaval Tanna
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