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Dedicated Team.

Building a team can sometimes be as challenging as building your software. Fortunately, with TechCells, it doesn’t have to be. Using our dedicated team services you can hire affordable offshore teams from a broader hiring pool with no extra team building or team management costs or hassles.


What is Dedicated Team

Through our dedicated teams service, clients can receive top-tier team management, infrastructure, and recruitment and hiring procedures. Despite our remote set-up, we can also facilitate in-person office environments.

The benefits of Dedicated Teams include

  • Complete control over the selection, motivation and management of dedicated team members.
  • Day-to-day communication and management using web tools, e.g. Slack, Asana, Skype.
  • Agile approach, fully predictable costs and budget control.
  • Workload and scope are not fixed and change requests can be made at any moment.
  • Loyal team of external staff with which client can establish the same working relationships and rules as with the main personnel.
  • Professionals who are team players.
  • They are prepared from the start; ready, willing & eager to get the show on the road.
  • Are communicative: they know not just how to express themselves well but also to listen.
  • They are influential & motivational.
  • They have skills & experience.
  • Are reliable, responsible & accountable.

Dedicated team with Techcells

Cost Advantage

Normally, if a company wanted to launch an app, they would need to create a developer department, hire leadership, hire engineers, and establish a team culture all before even beginning the project. With dedicated teams, clients can leverage the talent, efficiencies, predictable costs, and infrastructure of TechCells without the unreasonable price tag. Similarly, in addition to the increased predictability of costs (per month basis), TechCells can even cover the office space costs if the team size exceeds that of 10 people.

Dedicated Quality Resource

In hiring one of TechCells’ dedicated teams, clients can gain access to the skills, talent, and knowledge of our industry-leading employees on a regular basis. With dedicated teams, we do all the hard work to help create your optimal work environment.

Administrative Support

When you hire one of TechCells’ dedicated teams, you also take on our proven administrative services. With our dedicated teams, your team is constantly supported by our internal TechCells managers who help you train, manage, and coordinate employees.


With TechCells’ dedicated teams, clients don’t have to invest in any technological infrastructure or office equipment because it is provided for them. In addition to cost-savings, security is also our top priority. All provided computers are secured using frequent admin checks as well as additional security protocols where necessary.

Client and Developer Support

Hiring one of our dedicated teams doesn’t mean you lose all the other benefits of working with TechCells. Our focus on client satisfaction and support is unwavering, and dedicated teams are no exception. Our managers and team members can even sign NDAs and any other form to help maximize your security, productivity, and experience.

Why Choose the Extended Team Model Over Project Outsourcing?

  • Custom recruitment
  • High developer commitment
  • Direct communication
  • Predictable costs
  • Flexibility
  • Reliable Partnership
  • Highly-skilled Developers
  • Complete Provision of Resources

Techcells dedicated team process

01 Step
Discovery and Strategy

The first step to successfully integrating dedicated teams is to identify client needs and develop a strategy based around satisfying those demands on a timely basis, i.e., the infrasture, hiring timeline, and developer objectives.

02 Step
Interview Developers

After establishing a strategy plan, our goal is to work with clients to help them hire qualified, hardworking candidates and transition them into your development team. During this stage, we avoiding hiring from a dedicated ‘bench’ of candidates and instead use a customized hiring pool and process based on the client.

03 Step
Start Working

The main objective of our dedicated teams service is to provide the oversight, infrastructure, and administrative support necessary to begin project work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

04 Step
Long-Term Success Management

Software success is not a one-time purchase, it requires consistent testing and improvement efforts to maintain the highest levels of quality and productivity. With our success managers, you can ensure the success of each team and individual by proactively addressing problems as they arise. Not only do we offer quick solutions, we also can assist in the replacement of any underperforming team members.

Client experiences

We’re delighted with our partnership with TechCells. They’ve exceeded expectations, quickly resolving issues and making improvements. We’re impressed with their professionalism, rates, and fast response times. TechCells has been an excellent partner!

DoubleDoor, Nauman Malik

I enjoy working with TechCells. They understand our requirements and provide creative solutions. After launching, the client experienced an increase in traffic. They’re easy to collaborate with, promptly respond to queries, and have a friendly attitude. They pay close attention and are proactive in suggesting new ideas.

TopHelpers, John Kahhor

TechCells has created fantastic applications. Their project management and workflow were effective. Also, the developers were responsive, quick to adapt to our internal environment. and were a part of everyday activities.

Medyear, Nauman Malik

TechCells have done an amazing job in completing the project. They kept us informed with regular updates and comprehensive descriptions of all features. Their communication was top-notch, and their professionalism was outstanding. They were incredibly helpful in explaining all the details of the work. In particular, the project manager was extraordinary and kept us up to date on everything.

7m Time inc., Brandan N. Tang

I’m highly impressed with TechCell’s work. Thanks to their efforts, the company’s delivery time was halved. The team communicated effectively and was always available. Their project management was top-notch. Customers can expect a unique set of skills and solutions that are truly impressive.

SoftIntel, Dhaval Tanna

TechCells is a reliable and highly-recommended development company with excellent communication, quality work, and a no-nonsense attitude. Even on weekends and holidays, they get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our team could not be more pleased with the results of their work and we would definitely recommend them for any project!

Top Travel Food, Dhaval Tanna

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Frequently asked questions

There is none. Only the minimum number of team members that maximizes your functionality, capability, and success.

Yes, of course. You can even bring your own people to work together with the rest of the team.

No prior terms and conditions. However, for dedicated teams, you need to give us at least 30 days notice if you want to dismantle the team.

Usually through a fixed monthly payment. But we can switch to hourly rates if that makes more sense for your business. This means you pay per hour per TechCells dedicated team member.

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