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Healthcare Application Development.

As healthcare leaders, you have to be able to optimize your digital transitions and improvements with the fewest possible obstacles, especially in these times. As healthcare application developers, TechCells can save you time on automating your services so you can focus more on saving lives.


Solutions We Can Build

Successfully navigating healthcare challenges like privacy and accessibility requires a skilled and dedicated team of tech professionals familiar with the intricacies of healthcare process automation and mobile healthcare application development. Thankfully, at TechCells, we’re a healthcare app development company that has both the professionals and expertise to help you satisfy the needs of patients all-around, building long-lasting trust and appreciation for your brand. Here’s how.

Healthcare Application Development
HIPAA Compliant Systems

As a healthcare app development company, the TechCells development team is familiar with all of the privacy and security standards that go into upholding HIPAA IT compliance. All of our medical app development, healthcare website development, and healthcare process automation services are compliant with these standards, ensuring you get top-quality digital enhancements.

Healthcare Application Development
Healthcare Provider Applications

At TechCells, we create a customized digital service platform, including medical mobile app development and healthcare web development, to secure and streamline your patient interactions and information. You will be able to create more accessible means to retrieve important information and patient histories.

Healthcare Application Development
Patient Applications

More so than other medical app development companies, we truly care about helping healthcare providers establish firm bonds with their patients. Our healthcare mobile app development will help you digitally connect with your patients in the most accessible way possible, ensuring they can provide information and use services seamlessly. Our healthcare website development also makes patient experiences more personable while improving privacy.

Healthcare Application Development
Interconnected Care Systems

You can transform your data storage capabilities by developing systems that can securely share and receive information. TechCells is a medical mobile app developer that will create apps that ensure information can be exchanged safely and allows them to receive timely updates on things like future appointments and prescription information.

Services We Offer

Web development

How patients interact with your website will directly affect your customer retention and acquisition. With the help of TechCells’ development team, you can optimize your online experiences to create higher-quality engagements that keep patients for longer.

Mobile development

Telehealth and other trends are changing the way consumers interact with their healthcare providers. By partnering with TechCells, our world-class developers can help you construct the mobile healthcare platform that will differentiate you from your competitors in terms of both functionality and protection.

Desktop development

While mobile is a rising segment of healthcare technology, desktop is still an extremely prevalent platform for some of the larger healthcare demographics, like the elderly. Our developers can help you construct a desktop platform that accommodates the technological capabilities of every patient demographic.

UI/UX development

Consumers are more likely to switch brands if they have a negative user experience. The same thing applies to patients and healthcare providers. Through the help of the TechCells dev team, you can build a user interface that minimizes obstacles and site friction while also creating high-quality engagements.

Legacy modernization

Digital modernization is a hard sell for many healthcare providers who are tied to their legacy software systems. Using the talented team at TechCells, you can safely and smoothly transition your systems, processes, and information to a more modern, accessible, and functional data platform.

Process automation

Healthcare, like many government-supported industries, suffers from massive amounts of zero-value added tasks like paperwork and form processing. Through process automation or digital transformation, TechCells can help healthcare organizations increase their cost efficiency and maximize their investments.

Client experiences

We’re delighted with our partnership with TechCells. They’ve exceeded expectations, quickly resolving issues and making improvements. We’re impressed with their professionalism, rates, and fast response times. TechCells has been an excellent partner!

DoubleDoor, Nauman Malik

I enjoy working with TechCells. They understand our requirements and provide creative solutions. After launching, the client experienced an increase in traffic. They’re easy to collaborate with, promptly respond to queries, and have a friendly attitude. They pay close attention and are proactive in suggesting new ideas.

TopHelpers, John Kahhor

TechCells has created fantastic applications. Their project management and workflow were effective. Also, the developers were responsive, quick to adapt to our internal environment. and were a part of everyday activities.

Medyear, Nauman Malik

TechCells have done an amazing job in completing the project. They kept us informed with regular updates and comprehensive descriptions of all features. Their communication was top-notch, and their professionalism was outstanding. They were incredibly helpful in explaining all the details of the work. In particular, the project manager was extraordinary and kept us up to date on everything.

7m Time inc., Brandan N. Tang

I’m highly impressed with TechCell’s work. Thanks to their efforts, the company’s delivery time was halved. The team communicated effectively and was always available. Their project management was top-notch. Customers can expect a unique set of skills and solutions that are truly impressive.

SoftIntel, Dhaval Tanna

TechCells is a reliable and highly-recommended development company with excellent communication, quality work, and a no-nonsense attitude. Even on weekends and holidays, they get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our team could not be more pleased with the results of their work and we would definitely recommend them for any project!

Top Travel Food, Dhaval Tanna
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