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E-Commerce Applications Development.

Every business wants to take advantage of retail’s transition to online shopping, but many of them don’t have a starting point. Working with an e-commerce app developer is one way to make this transition seamless, as quality e-commerce app development will make for faster service and improved customer satisfaction.


Solutions We Can Build

We know you aim to please your customers, so let’s help you ensure you’re providing them with more enjoyable experiences. TechCells can help your business construct, refine or expand your e-commerce app development while also making your brand one that’s always dependable and accessible.

E-Commerce Applications
Custom E-Commerce Applications

As an e-commerce app developer and e-commerce web development company, TechCells can help you diversify your applications so you give your customers more urgency to interact with you. Our e-commerce development agency creates apps that boost value and are perfectly compatible across several mobile devices, including Android and iOS, while also being fully secure, stable, and scalable.

E-Commerce Applications
Quick E-Commerce Websites

As dedicated e-commerce web developers, our e-commerce website development ensures your website has e-commerce functionality without needing to start from scratch with site-building. You won’t have to stress yourself about startup and running costs as our e-commerce web development services are reasonably priced. Furthermore, your customer reach will be drastically increased while you’ll also be able to track metrics of how strong that reach is.

E-Commerce Applications
Mobile Commerce Apps

Our e-commerce app development is tailor-made for customer needs. These apps encourage greater personalization and improve customer loyalty. With TechCells e-commerce app development for mobile phones, we create apps that encourage convenience.With standout design features, increased efficiency as well as improved brand recognition, your website will convert and retain more customers.

E-Commerce Applications
Social Marketplaces Systems

As an e-commerce development agency, we value the importance of social media with brand and service building. Our social marketplace system implementation will improve communication between your business and its consumer base as well as brand-to-brand connections. You’ll become more accessible, interactive and adaptable in the digital space.

Services We Offer

Web development

Seamlessly integrating SEO and CRO tactics into your e-commerce site can be quite difficult, especially if you are less experienced with web design. Fortunately, our web development team has years of experience and industry knowledge that they can utilize to create fast-loading, high-ranking websites that are also functional.

Mobile development

Compared to computers, smartphones offer users an added level of convenience and accessibility that other platforms cannot match. Despite this, many retailers still don’t have a mobile e-commerce platform. Partner with TechCells and let us transition your current store into a mobile-friendly e-commerce experience.

UI/UX development

So much of retail is centered around the user experience. This is because experiential value is a huge contributor to a consumer’s purchase behavior. By partnering with TechCells, you can take advantage of our UI/UX experts, who are masters in curating attractive and engaging retail experiences.

Legacy modernization

Change can be overwhelming, particularly when it impacts your business platform. But upgrading your decade-old e-commerce store shouldn’t be an unappealing option. With the assistance of TechCells’ world-class development team, you can transform your site or app into a modern, data-tracking experience.

Process automation

The greatest benefit of e-commerce is the ability to streamline otherwise significant costs like rent, renovations, and in-store staff. But if your e-commerce platform’s functions aren’t optimized, you could be losing more than you’re saving. With TechCells, you can automate your processes and maximize your cost efficiencies.

Client experiences

We’re delighted with our partnership with TechCells. They’ve exceeded expectations, quickly resolving issues and making improvements. We’re impressed with their professionalism, rates, and fast response times. TechCells has been an excellent partner!

DoubleDoor, Nauman Malik

I enjoy working with TechCells. They understand our requirements and provide creative solutions. After launching, the client experienced an increase in traffic. They’re easy to collaborate with, promptly respond to queries, and have a friendly attitude. They pay close attention and are proactive in suggesting new ideas.

TopHelpers, John Kahhor

TechCells has created fantastic applications. Their project management and workflow were effective. Also, the developers were responsive, quick to adapt to our internal environment. and were a part of everyday activities.

Medyear, Nauman Malik

TechCells have done an amazing job in completing the project. They kept us informed with regular updates and comprehensive descriptions of all features. Their communication was top-notch, and their professionalism was outstanding. They were incredibly helpful in explaining all the details of the work. In particular, the project manager was extraordinary and kept us up to date on everything.

7m Time inc., Brandan N. Tang

I’m highly impressed with TechCell’s work. Thanks to their efforts, the company’s delivery time was halved. The team communicated effectively and was always available. Their project management was top-notch. Customers can expect a unique set of skills and solutions that are truly impressive.

SoftIntel, Dhaval Tanna

TechCells is a reliable and highly-recommended development company with excellent communication, quality work, and a no-nonsense attitude. Even on weekends and holidays, they get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our team could not be more pleased with the results of their work and we would definitely recommend them for any project!

Top Travel Food, Dhaval Tanna
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