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Hire PHP Developers with TechCells.

PHP is one of the oldest and most popular web development technologies amongst start-ups and medium-sized businesses for a reason. Simple or complex, TechCells can help you create robust, clean, high-performance websites and web applications using PHP.


What Can We Do With PHP

Web Development

Need a website for your small business? With the help of TechCells and PHP, you can create dynamic websites faster using its pre-built models and components.

Web Development with Laravel

Take advantage of PHP’s combination of developmental platforms and frameworks to create complex, intricate educational websites, real-estate apps, and APIs.

WordPress Site Development

Optimize the functionality of your WordPress site using TechCells’ gifted WordPress development teams.

Web Development with Symfony

Symfony, like Laravel, allows organizations to create high-quality, reliable, complex websites like built-from-scratch e-commerce sites with little to no hassle.

Why Hire PHP Developers With TechCells

Fast Recruitment

What makes our approach to hiring so effective is that we are able to combine our thorough selection process with a quick turnaround time. In about 2 weeks, we can find, interview, hire, and onboard new and qualified candidates. As a reference point, other companies can take months to replicate the same process with worse results.

Top PHP Developers

At TechCells, we make a persistent effort to hire the best candidates possible for every developer position. Using our database of 20,000 tech professionals, we are able to select and interview the best developers available. Through thorough reference checks and comprehensive skill and personality tests, we are able to consistently hire top-tier talent.

Borderless Office Space

The greatest advantage of a remote work setting is its accessibility. Independent of their region or time zone, our borderless office space allows us to widen our hiring pool and attract talent from all over the world. When you hire TechCells developers, not only are you leveraging a flexible workspace, you are also guaranteeing their world-class skill set.

Support Staff

Software development is our focus, but people are our business. In order to ensure our clients are receiving industry-leading digital solutions, we need to have healthy, motivated employees. Across all of our projects, teams, and departments, we make a concerted effort to support the health and productivity of our developers.


The values a company champions have an effect on every part of their business, particularly their staff members. By embracing integrity, transparency, and honesty, so do our employees. No matter the team, client, or project they are working on, they bring the strong moral principles that produce high-quality solutions and partnerships.


Like our pursuit of integrity, TechCells integrates professionalism at every level of the business. This is because we understand that good habits can lead to consistently valuable behavior. By demanding professionalism internally, we are able to replicate externally in our scale tech team services.


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